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A Versatile Coordinator

I am an efficient, communicative, and courteous project manager / coordinator with an unusually diverse skill set that can be focused toward achieving my client’s objectives. 

For the past nineteen years, I have worked as a coordinator or project manager in an array of professional sectors (government, education, healthcare, private enterprise, non-profit, news media, agriculture, architecture / engineering, and more), and have developed the ability to adapt quickly in order to manage effectively. 

Over the years, I have developed a variety of practical skills necessary to manage projects including:

  • Group brainstorming and planning
  • Meeting facilitation and agenda development
  • Project development (scope, timelines, tasks, milestones, resources, etc.)
  • Timeline and milestone management
  • Budget development & management
  • Project team and stakeholder management
  • Public and media relations
  • Public speaking
  • Grants development and administration

These skills were developed on-the-job in the crucible of high stress, high pressure environments, when I was often functioning and coordinating activities in fields where I had little or no experience. Working "out-of-my-depth" was such a regular occurrence, that, as I often say, I finally established a permanent residence outside of my comfort zone. But, every project brought new learning opportunities, while at the same time allowing me to hone and develop skills learned on previous projects. 


What I Bring to the Table

I am able to comprehend visionary projects while planning and managing the steps required to implement them. I am driven to deliver on project goals and deadlines, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt within shifting and changing environments. I am very conscious and respectful of the “human elements” in the project process.

Below are examples of projects I may be contracted to manage.

  • Special short-term internal organizational projects
  • Grant-funded project administration and coordination
  • Training development, coordination, and delivery.
  • Meeting facilitation and strategic group planning or brainstorming
  • Broad-based community development initiatives
  • Other types. Contact me and let's discuss your need.