I had a wonderful experience with Philip Drown when he authored articles on two projects in which I was involved: my role as a presenter at a conference on Iran, which was held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and as an invited scholar speaking at an international conference in Buenes Aires, which was focused on the Argentinian economic crisis.

Philip listened carefully to my thoughts and insights, reflected on what I had said along with the additional facts he had gathered, and then accurately communicated the nature of the issues to which I was speaking. He was succinct, yet comprehensive; transparently clear, yet all-encompassing.
— Cyrus Bina, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Minnesota, Morris

Philip’s attention to detail and knowledge of the system has allowed us to secure funding to outfit our firefighters with the gear necessary to do their jobs safely and effectively. He is very easy to work with and brings a high level of professionalism to the project. We recently finished our second project with Philip and we will most definitely use him again in the future.
— Tate Mills, Fire Chief, Albertville Fire & Rescue (Albertville MN)
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Philip’s thorough research and reporting, and his concise writing style, are evident in the many stories he has written for our newspaper. He takes pains to unearth the truly important details of a subject and bring them to light for readers.
— Tom Larson, Sports Editor, West Central Tribune

Our 5 county, Region 4 South Adult Mental Health Initiative contracted with Philip to develop a series of mental health trainings for professional staff in various disciplines. I was a presenter for the second round of training. Philip was always very professional as he guided us through the process. For someone who doesn’t have a mental health background, he grasped the concept and message we wanted to convey extremely well. He was very skilled at appropriate technologies necessary for our training. It was a pleasure to work with him!
— Joanie Murphy Director, Stevens County Human Services

I have collaborated with Philip Drown on a number of projects over the last 15 years. There are grant writers and there are grant writers. Philip is a grant writer! His talents as a writer and project administrator are considerable. Philip brings a good work ethic and lots of energy to any venture. He is creative, and the eventual delivered product reflects his considerable skills.
— Pat Conroy, Widseth Smith Nolting, Alexandria, MN

The Becker-Clay-Otter Tail-Wilkin Adult Mental Health Initiative used Philip Drown Consulting to coordinate the planning, development and implementation of a four county, multi-agency educational workshop. Philip was the key player to organize this event. He kept the planning group on task and educated the group in all the details needed to carry out such an event.

The event included scheduling several Interactive Television (ITV) sites and coordinating with the Office of Enterprise Technology in the Twin Cities, scheduling and preparing various speakers, managing registration and site logistics, working with the committee to develop the training content, and overseeing evaluations and provision of CEUs. The pre-planning process that Philip led our planning committee through allowed the event to take place without any major difficulties and assisted BCOW in providing education to law enforcement, county personnel, hospital personnel and mental health provider agencies in four counties all at the same time.

The BCOW AMHI was very satisfied with Philip Drown Consulting and would consider use of the services again.
— Pat Boyer, Clay County Social Services

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The Friends of the Morris Wetland Management District have worked with Philip Drown for over six years. We were impressed and delighted with Philip’s redesign of our brochure. Philip is very professional, patient, and always willing to go the extra mile. The “Friends” recommend Philip for any job-big or small.
— Kate and Dale Livingston, Friends of the Morris Wetland Management District

As the importance of communicating with our clientele became clearer and clearer to us, we realized that we did not have adequate time to do this in an effective way. We turned to Philip for help and were quite pleased. He took the time to understand our organization and our goals, and provided insightful help with crafting and presenting documents to convey our message. We found Philip to be skilled, thorough, timely, and creative and we will be going back to him in the future. His technical skills were excellent, but it was his interest in what we did and where we wanted to go that really impressed me.
— Greg Cuomo, Head (former), West Central Research and Outreach Center

I met Philip in 2000 when he was selected as the Project Coordinator for the Blandin Foundation’s Community Investment Partnership Project in the Morris Area. His ability to do careful background work, scope out/study what is required to be successful at developing the various steps in a project, and implement those steps is phenomenal. He is a super coordinator with whom I, as a board member, could brainstorm, ask the “what-ifs” and keep moving forward on the intended timeline.

His behind-the-scenes work enables participants to use their time productively. He had the ability to keep the financial aspects and reporting requirements done accurately and on time. I appreciate the extra polishing and tweaking skills he puts into his writing work. His technical writing skills, his public relations with the media and marketing skills are excellent.

He paces himself, sets deadlines, and encourages with his leadership skills and calm even temperament. He allows time for his family and his own peace-of-mind. He has taught me patience and we used each other as sounding boards for ideas and best direction for particular situations. He has a great deal of maturity and good judgment for his age.

For a difficult assignment, Philip is your “dream-come-true” Coordinator!
— Mary Ann Scharf, Extension Educator, Retired

I met Philip Drown during the preliminary planning sessions for the 2004 All-America City application. I was immediately impressed by his strong work ethic and commitment to the project. Philip’s, and the committee’s, hard work paid off when the City of Morris was chosen as a finalist in the competition. I think everyone involved with the project would agree that it was Philip’s communication and creative writing abilities that really brought the whole project together and allowed us to be chosen as finalist.

Philip also has worked for Prairie Community Services, a non-profit organization of which I serve on the Board. Philip’s attention to detail and diligence was a great asset to PCS.

Philip Drown is a man of integrity and is conscientious toward the feelings and values of his clients. He has the tenacity to stick with a project through to its completion. Philip is a team player that will add more to the team than expected and, because of his humble spirit, expect little in return.
— Sheldon Giese, Mayor, City of Morris
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