Photo Credit:  Stephanie Warzecha

Photo Credit: Stephanie Warzecha

Philip Drown

I do a lot, and I do it very well.

I started Philip Drown Consulting in 1999 while completing my degree in English from the University of Minnesota, Morris. Originally launched as a freelance writing business, within a year I expanded my services to include project management. A few years later, I added video production, and then presentation / instruction.

One of the things I discovered early in my career was that I was designed to play on multiple fields.  With a relentlessly curious mind and an insatiable hunger for knowledge, I am constantly exploring a diversity of interests and experiences. These aspects of my personality influence my professional choices and infuse any project on which I am working with a unique richness that will make it stand out.

At heart, I am an artist: intuitive, creative, and able to approach a blank canvas and create something that others will enjoy experiencing.  At the same time, I am a dogged and determined administrator: organized, disciplined, concerned with details, and able to comprehend a broad project concept or vision while mapping out the steps necessary to make it a reality. I am also a passionate communicator, driven to articulate information and ideas to a wide audience through both public oration and written word.